Sunny The Fun Fairy: Enchanting Experiences & Magical Moments  

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Learn how Sunny The Fun Fairy sprinkles seeds of perpetual joy throughout our Enchanting City of Oaks!

Shani Seidel, driven by her father’s cherished memory and unwavering resilience amidst adversity, the effervescent “Raleigh Fairy.” emerged! Her purpose? To Sprinkle Seeds of Perpetual Joy in the hearts of both children and adults, sharing hope and happiness wherever she flies.

Shani didn’t become Sunny The Fun Fairy overnight. It was a lifetime of experience and lessons that helped form her Bright Mission. “I believe I’ve always had wings.  Now, they just shine through on the outside.” expressed Shani.

And her story is full of guts and perseverance. Born in Virginia, Shani moved to Raleigh to obtain her degree from Meredith College in Communications. Following several years of marriage, life unexpectedly shifted, thrusting her into single parenthood after her son’s first birthday. Through the trials of love, perseverance, and navigating change she discovered the depth of her strength and the magnitude of her influence. It was during this period the seeds of Sunny’s journey began to blossom.

With the memory and knowledge of her father, Eric “Recycle The Clown” Seidel, Shani delights in keeping his after 50, two-decade clown legacy vibrant and shining bright as she sprinkles seeds of perpetual joy with all people as The Raleigh Fairy.

Sunny believes the world needs more light and love and less darkness and despair. Invite her to bring her Bright Mission to you! There are multiple to invite Sunny The Fun Fairy to warm your heart:

  • Enchanting and Empowering Experiences with Women. Women unleash their creativity, playfully moving and laughing as they let their inner child soar alongside newfound companions.
  • Magical Moments and Memories with Children. Picture it: birthday parties at parks and playgrounds. Children dance in delight with fairy wings and flower crowns while twirling with whimsical tassels, and blowing bubbles. They have the option to color and create and enjoy storytime with Sunny.
  • Community Champion. Sunny helps fundraising efforts for organizations that support special needs children and adults including Easterseals, Community Workforce Solutions, Made4Me, Gabi’s Powered by Special Abilities, Night to Shine, Down Syndrome NC Buddy Walk and more!

Shani expressed how much she enjoys celebrating with our community at special events and festivals. “Children are precious and so are the memories I’m making with them. I love seeing them wiggle and giggle in wings as we fly around parks and playgrounds together.”

Embarking on her journey, Sunny, “The Raleigh Fairy,” aims to Sprinkle Seeds of Perpetual Joy across the City of Oaks. She endeavors to remain as steadfast, faithful and loyal as the sun, understanding that although life may present challenges,  we can all learn to fly above them. Here’s to the enchanting voyage of Sunny the Fun Fairy, enriching lives with joy and crafting a legacy filled with love, zeal, and meaning.

“I love the sound of children laughing and I love wrapping my wings around women and reminding them that they can fly above life’s challenges. They just need to remember their wings!”

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